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Welcome to Memorial and Dedication Trees

  • Memorial Tree – Plant a tree in memory of a loved one

    Our memorial tree plantings allow you to memorialize your loved one, or express your condolences to someone who lost a loved one, in a unique, thoughtful and personal way. Memorial trees are enduring gifts of life, hope and beauty. They honor a life with the planting of new life. These compassionate gifts can, perhaps, make the loss a bit softer and acceptable by knowing that something is living on which is dedicated to the memory of someone loved and lost. A vibrant tree benefits everyone in both this generation and future ones, and is perhaps the most fitting memorial of all. Memorial trees can inspire energy, faith, devotion and courage, and carry forward the name of those memorialized in a living, vital way that grows grander with each passing year.

  • Pet Memorial Tree – Plant a tree in memory of a pet

    A pet is never truly forgotten…until it is no longer remembered. The loss of a pet can be difficult to bear. Our pet memorial tree plantings can bring comfort to the heart of anyone grieving the loss of a beloved pet. More than just a fitting tribute, your tree will help to provide shelter for wildlife and contribute to the purity of the air we breathe. A memorial tree planted in remembrance of a pet is a beautiful way to honor a faithful companion, and a caring way to help bridge an aching heart and a healed heart.

  • Dedication Tree – Plant a tree in honor of a living person or to commemorate a special event

    A dedication tree planting is an enduring way to acknowledge an individual or to commemorate a special occasion or event, such as a wedding, birth, graduation, anniversary, birthday or holiday. Dedication trees are thoughtful gifts for honoring a family member, friend, teacher or hero. These eco-friendly gifts are also ideal for customers, clients, business associates, employees and co-workers. Dedication trees are inspirational gifts that are suitable for any occasion, and the perfect gift for that special someone who already has everything.

  • E-Tree

    Our E-Tree gifts are the least expensive of our tree planting packages, and fitting for any occasion. E-Tree gifts are delivered electronically, so they don’t include all the remembrance products that our other tree planting packages include. However, they do arrive faster than the orders we ship, which makes them convenient for last minute gift giving.

  • Custom Tree Planting Orders

    We can create a custom tree planting package for any occasion, and one that will fit your budget. Our most popular requests for custom orders are for weddings, corporate gift giving and fundraising events. We can also incorporate your own photo or logo on our products. Please contact us to inquire about custom orders.